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Life Groups: Your Community for Spiritual Growth

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Signups Start: Sunday, September 3rd | Groups Begin: September 10-16

What Are Life Groups?

Life Groups are small, intimate gatherings that meet weekly from September through May. These groups are more than just a Bible study; they are a holistic approach to Christian living. Here’s what you can expect:

God-Centered: Our discussions always revolve around God’s Word and His plan for our lives.

Biblical Teaching: Dive deeper into the Bible and explore how its teachings can be applied today.

Christian Relationships: Forge meaningful relationships that go beyond Sunday mornings.

Prayer Support: Share your concerns and joys, knowing you’re supported in prayer.

Care and Compassion: Whether facing a challenge or celebrating a milestone, your Life Group is there for you.

Why Life Groups?

In a world where genuine connections are increasingly rare, Life Groups offer a sanctuary for authentic community and spiritual growth. As the saying goes, “We heal in community. We grow in community. We make a difference in community.”

Who Should Join?

Anyone looking to deepen their relationship with Jesus and connect with a like-minded community is welcome! Our Life Groups are diverse, accommodating people from all walks of life and stages of faith.

How to Sign Up

Mark your calendars for Sunday, September 3rd, when Life Group signups will officially begin. Contact Kelli for more information or to sign up: [email protected]

Get Ready for Transformation

Life Groups are where people get what they need most to become fully devoted followers of Jesus: God, the Bible, Christian relationships, prayer and care support, and so much more. Prepare to be transformed!

We look forward to sharing this enriching experience with you!

Author: Life Pointe Team